TESA Micro-Hite 3D

Micro-Hite, the line of small CMMs featuring excellent performance, is the result of the synergy among Hexagon Metrology companies in research, design and manufacturing. That’s why Micro-Hite boasts the best price/performance ratio in the market.  


Micro-Hite is suitable for use in small shops as well as in large operations, as a stand-alone, walk-up station for first part inspection, tool set-up or as a flexible gage. It is available in both the manual and CNC version.

The manual version, Micro-Hite 3D, is ergonomic and easy to use: it is therefore the ideal replacement of hand tools and gages. 

Micro-Hite 3D’s optional fine adjustment is particularly useful for small features where a precision touch is required. Thermally compatible materials and components minimize the influence of ambient temperature on measurement results, making the Micro-Hite 3D the perfect measuring system for virtually any application.

  • Lock/unlock system that enhances control of each individual axis
  • Z-Mouse, patented pointing device, that dramatically increases manual measurement throughput. Embedded in the machine Z column, it totally eliminates the need for the operator to move back and forth between the measuring machine and the computer.
  • Hand Control device: conveniently located on the machine table, it further speeds up measuring operations.
  • Fine adjustment (option)
  • Tricision® technology controls bridge axis roll for precise volumetric measuring accuracy.
  • 21 air bearings ensure frictionless motion along all three axes.
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